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Our Values

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Christian Health is determined to make high quality health care affordable to everyone who comes through our doors. We are also determined to provide this health care without discrimination based on race, religion, national heritage, age, or gender.


Yes, we believe Jesus Christ is the secret to true inner health. On the other hand, if any patient prefers not to share in our faith, we will honor that choice and still provide exactly the same level of care.


It is our intention to serve all of our patients to the highest quality that our abilities allow.

Medical Worker

Community Outreach

Christian health center opens its doors in Syracuse.

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New medical center will provide health care, gospel message to Syracuse's uninsured.

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Syracuse, N.Y. -- A new Christian health center in Syracuse will officially open its doors today, three years after five members of a local church conceived of the idea as a way to put their religious beliefs into action...

Syracuse, N.Y. -- A Christian group is opening a new medical center in Syracuse to serve people who often fall through the cracks of the health care system.

Christian Health Service of Syracuse at 3200 Burnet Ave. plans to cater to the uninsured and people on Medicaid who cannot find doctors who accept their government insurance...

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Patient Portal

Appointments, Rx Fills
Lab Results and more.
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